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You Are a Product of Brand Identification

It is inevitable that American consumerism produces a deeply brand-oriented culture. The Android vs iOS debate, our declarations of brand loyalties, our politicization of companies, our choosing to display certain brands on our clothing, and our judgement of others by their brand loyalties are just a few examples of how fundamentally ingrained into our lifestyles… Continue reading You Are a Product of Brand Identification


Put simply, Critique && Cogitations is exactly that–criticism and an attempt at some meaningful cognition towards the various topics this blog encompasses. Among them, and by far the most prominent: 

  • Discussions on consumer technology, with the intention of scrutinizing the toxic ecosystems into which computer users are forced.
  • Amateur-friendly introductions into alternatives to those ecosystems, that respect privacy, customizability, and overall user enjoyment–with the larger goal of showing that the average user can easily become informed and effective in their leveraging of technology.  
  • Critiques of certain technologies altogether, with a focus on their “societal impact”, so to speak. 
  • Glimpses into the philosophies we find compelling, so that we might posit some way to better live our lives all around. 

That, and much more. 

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